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She was just a girl, like any other girl. She had dreams, ambitions, needs and happiness, just like any other girl. She had love, life and meaning.

She was the one who never said a bad word, she was the one who always opened her heart to others. She was the one we all try to be. She was sensitive, emphatic, creative, smart. She was beautiful, as only beautiful can be.

She was also hated, ripped a part, called names, beaten, bullied, hit and worried. She had no friends, not anymore. They were all gone.

She had no life, not anymore .

That was taken from her.

“stick and stones may brake my bones but word can never hurt me”. That’s what they said, that’s what she heard. Until one last time they called her names. Until one last time they ripped her apart, made her heart bleed and crushed everything she was or wanted to be. She was nothing.

She had nothing.

She was not even seen.

How many tears she cried, we will never know.

How many times she cried, we will never know.

How many times she looked at herself in the mirror and thought she was nothing because of all those people who told her so? How many times she missed the truth?

That it was not her who was worthless,

it was not her who was nothing.

It was all the others, all those calling her names, all those hating her.

She had it all and they had nothing.

How easy it is to hate something so precious and so beautiful.

So they broke her, beat her down so low she couldn’t get up, not anymore. Too many times she tried but she had no strenght to do it again.

So easily she was gone…

So lightly she fell…

So beautiful she was…

Oh, all the stories she will never tell

- Emma

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Kommentti: Lokakuun 9. 2013 klo 18:33

This is amazing, a beautiful and tragic piece, full of passion and the hurt and emotion. Once I started reading I couldn’t stop till I reached the end. So amazing, I loved it! I just wish someday I’ll be at least half as good as you are<3

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