perjantai 7. helmikuuta 2014


aiheena oli mm. Halloween

the moon in bloom and bright

might a witch have a broom and blight

perhaps it’s the Northern Light

in the night children weary of sight

I’m tired so I’ll just go thru a list, rest and, repeat and say

doom, room, groom, loom (GA-)BOOM all of these and more consume

at these hours all cats are black

catching every beat on the breast of man

and each breath untangled woven


hear. not. speaketh nor. thinketh not.

yet standing eternally ridden with demise

the difference between mice and rats

all slaughtered in this habitat

proceed with care and a just ratification

come see our last dance gathered

seeks to destroy everything that

is less than a mark that will not go

away scabbed, scattered, scarred, scalpelled

percision in the cut

shine of a blade like a grin of motion picture frame teeth

funhouse mirrors bind into a neat package, a pound of corpuscle

come forth thrill seeking audience

the auction is to begin

grinding bits in mouth, none come out

tuned into lucid dreaming

animals gone beserk

a humid wish(bone)

born bone onto member, flesh flab onto muscle

the issue turn into tissue

bindings, lurn of the ages

call unto you, that ancient that was before

shield shape if wounded escape

no gates, no threshold

pain in passing only

pyre of thoughts. myriads of metamorphosis

devotion onto deviation

nothing be as used to and as ought

lurking, glowing, growing

number of things sharp edgy

shriek all to all as to know am still here

here. still.


still. be(a)stial vessel appeared

alone the signs. being drawn into myths.

were we in cages

is there a before

after the dark

* teksti on hölynpölyä ilman juonta

- pliamyr

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